Welcome to Virtual-Centre

The Virtual Centre is a multi-media company. As a university spin-out company, we specialise in the design of a wide range of learning and development technologies and how they can positively have impact upon individuals, groups, companies and organisatons.

We build Learning Environments, Business Support Platforms and Knowledge Management  Systems which assist operations and enhance capability.

We provide multi-lingual, web-based infrastructure, which assist blended and traditional learning using visual, auditory and kinaesthetic strategies. 

Our systems are robust, secure, user friendly and totally flexible. They are used to empower education authorities, SMEs and large companies, support organisations, government departments, health authorities and their employees, allowing them to learn, share, collaborate, any time and any where.

At the heart of the business is the aim to provide an enhanced service for clients who are increasingly looking to the internet as the natural medium for  working, communicating, finding and distributing information and accessing resources.