International Projects

Business activity

Virtual Centre operates in specific fields of interest including: ideas generation, entrepreneurship, new venture creation incubation, business growth and internationalisation, small business support and networking, enterprise education, continuing professional development, human resource management and many other functional disciplines related to management & leadership.

We work with private sector companies, public sector organisations & third sector charities, voluntary organisations, socal businesses & community business ventures.

Global presence

The Virtual Centre team has extensive experience in supporting Business Development across the globe:

1) African economies
We are currently building Enterprise Education infrastructure and capability in Tanzania. This follows on from a sucessful 2 year project with Edu-Campus in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Case Study 1
In Tanzania, we are working in partnership with TSM Business School (Twente, Holland) and the Tanzanian Institute of Education. One of the project aims is to develop Enterprise Educational capability within mainstream schools and curriculum. As with all of our collaborative projects, a key element is sustainabillity and involves the capacity building of teachers and trainers along with relevant material development. The work is funded by NUFFIC.

Case Study 2
In South Africa, we worked collaboratively with institutions from all phases of education from primary through to post graduate and adult education. This project also focused upon Enterprise Education, and funded by NUFFIC, involved training trainers and building the capacity of mainstream teachers and lecturers. This project worked in partnership with Edu-Campus in Port Elizabeth.

2) Transitional economies
We have a successful track record in supporting transitional economies throughout the 1990s and over the beginning of the 21st century.

These include:

  • Estonia: Enterprise consultancy

  • Latvia: New venture creation and training

  • Latvia: Enterprise education

  • Romania: Entrepreneurship training

  • Romania: Enterprise education

  • Poland: Ideas generation and NVC training

  • Poland: Enterprise education

  • Hungary: Technology high-growth start-ups

  • Russia: Entrepreneurship

  • Ukraine: Enterprise Education

3) Developed economies

As a university spin-out company we have collaborated with universities and government departments in numerous developed economies across the European Union including: France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Slovenia, Portugal, Germany, Northern Ireland and Holland. Our work has been facilitated by a range of private sector companies and funding bodies including:

  • DFID Department for International Development
  • British Council
  • World Bank
  • Stefan Batory (Soros)
  • Economic Foundation Solidarnosc
  • East European Partnership
  • NUFFIC Netherlands Organization for International Cooperation
  • PHARE Programme for Harmonised ATM Research in EUROCONTROL
  • EU Socrates & Leonardo
  • TACIS Technical Assistance Commonwealth of Independent States