Regional, national and international online services:

Global enterprise education and entrepreneurship

Services include designing enterprise education programmes and building capacity through training trainers programmes. International examples include: South Africa, Tanzania, Russia, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Romania, Hungary, Sweden, France, Spain and Italy.




Today, much of the literature points to e-Learning and e-Business as a panacea for personal and organisational development, with traditional delivery being criticised on the basis of spiraling cost and variable quality.  Our Mentoring VLE is based upon a blended model where support and development are underpinned by Mentors providing support to Mentees.



Support to academics, professionals and consultants

Many HEIs and management consultants find it difficult to develop and sustain international opportunities because of the inherent cost and time involved. Our services in this context involve providing a comprehensive support infrastructure underpinned by specialist advice.



International project design: HEIs and Business

Services include design and delivery of solutions and communications infrastructure to enable international collaboration and co-operative ventures. Clients include international universities, institutes and business centres. While most have technologies which can be leveraged within their own institutions, we provide a global reach.



Delivery infrastructure for teachers and trainers

Virtual Centre specialises in the design, maintenance and hosting of online learning platforms for business and every phase of education including: early years and foundation stage, primary, secondary & special schools, tertiary colleges, universities and adult education.




Working in University for 20 years prior to developing the Virtual Centre we have specialised in field of Management and Small Business. Several platforms underpin the activities of SME support networks and peer support groups.



Creative industries

We have collaborated with Wendy Parvin and her business "Conversations with Purpose" for more than 10 years. During which time we have developed a range of platforms to assist graduates in establishing independent new ventures. In particular many of these initiatives involved the creative sector.



International Enterprise Educators

We are currently working with TSM Business School in on a Tanzanian project to develop Enterprise Education within the curriculum of all phases of education. The project is funded by NUFFIC.



Infrastructure for small business support

Services include a suite of business interventions covering all phases of growth and development, including: ideas generation, pre-start, planning, business launch, survival, growth and a range of other milestones.



Management and HR solutions PLCs

Even before the down-turn many companies were looking for alternative solutions to management and HR development. Virtual Centre technology helps to bridge the divide within and between large companies and separate departments.



Communication systems for the International Health Executive

While working within the Executive Education team of Durham Business School we produced a suite of health related interventions and solutions for key practitioners, e.g. the International Health Executive.