Clients Testimonials


National School of Government

The National School of Government is the centre of excellence for learning and development in support of the strategic business priorities of government.

"The new site is excellent - a really pronounced improvement on what we had before. I hope that it will be widely used."

Fast Stream
(Cabinet Office)

"What a wonderful improvement - this will make so much difference to the pleasure of using the site as it is a dream to find our way around."

(Cabinet Office)

"I had a look at the EIPMN website which looks great! (cabinet office)"

Kate Moules
eLSS (Cabinet Office)



Durham Enterprise Incubator

A wide range of accredited and non-accredited programmes in Enterprise development are delivered using the Virtual Incubator. These include MSc, MA and MEng programmes.

Gateshead Local Authority

ICTGateshead within Gateshead City Learning Centre works with schools, colleges, education providers and the business and commercial sectors both locally and regionally. Specialist services include: teaching and learning support, strategic development of ICT, training, consultancy and network/hosting solutions. Also have wide expertise in weblogging, podcasting and internet radio and television.

"Gateshead’s schools and many areas of our Children’s Services have all benefited greatly from our partnership with Virtual Centre and the Local Authority partners. This valuable partnership has enabled us to provide a Learning Platform that meets the needs of learners and teachers whilst retaining the flexibility to be used by the full range of learners from nursery age to adults. The working relationship we have with Virtual Centre is excellent and is reinforced by their commitment to help all the Local Authority partners provide the best online learning environment for their learners and teachers."

Dave Adamson
Performance Monitoring Adviser
Gateshead LA

"The Virtual Centre is the most conceptually sound learning environment on the market today."

Dorothy Love
Head of Business
Lord Lawson


Northumberland Local Authority

The Northumberland e-learning Strategy was shared with all schools during Spring term 2007. One of the main are as of focus within the strategy is our Teaching and Learning Platform, NorTLE.

"Our partnership with Virtual Centre has been invaluable for both the Local Authority and schools. Helpful, expert knowledge and support, coupled with flexibility and a speedy response has enabled us to build a reliable and effective online learning environment. Virtual Centre have worked closely with ourselves and the other Local Authorities to develop and implement the tools and functionality requested by schools."

Richard Taylor
ICT Adviser
Northumberland County Council


Newcastle VTLE

Is a collaborative project between Newcastle LA and schools. The overall aim is to provide a Teaching and Learning Platform to all schools that can support stated aims within both ‘Harnessing Technology’ and ‘Fulfilling the Potential’ which focus on Raising Standards by embedding ICT and e-learning firmly in the delivery of teaching and learning throughout the curriculum.

"Newcastle School Improvement’s partnership with Virtual Centre has benefited not just all of our schools but also other areas of the Children’s Services. Prompt, expert advice and support is always on hand. Our working ethos has been to develop the most effect Virtual Learning Environment that our schools can access to enhance & develop Teaching and Learning. We are delighted to be a partner with Virtual Centre and the other Local Authorities who form the Local Consortia."

Phil McBride
ICT Adviser
Newcastle CLC Manager



Extending Reach

This project established an on-line infrastructure to support Business Management and Leadership across all sectors. It provides a facility:

  • to showcase private and public sector companies involved in delivering
  • training and consultancy
  • a mechanism for networking and finding
  • appropriate partners and a means of delivering