Virtual Centre was the first Durham University academic spin-out as part of the Science Enterprise Challenge, a DTI sponsored initiative to encourage academic spin-outs

The team worked in the Small Business Centre of Durham University Business School and won numerous international contracts. 

In addition, the Small Business Centre and the Business School won a national competition to establish the Barclays Centre for Entrepreneurship followed by countless other regional , national and international projects with organisations such as the Cabinet Office.

The team spearheaded projects in the transitional economies of Central Eastern Europe working with government ministries and international partners in Russia, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia. Partners included the World Bank, Solidarnosc, Stefan Batori, Soros Foundation, British Council and the East European Partnership.

More recently the team collaborated with major EU projects: the Franco British Club, Epicee, ET-Net, Dione and many more.

On the suggestion of colleagues at Barclays Bank, the team established Virtual-Centre to embed the Centre within the Business School and assist its long term sustainability. This was done with the assistance and  support of Professor Tony Cockerill, Director of the Business School.

Virtual-Centre was also assisted by Professor Rob Dixon, while working in partnership with the Centre for Executive Education and Enterprise.

Over the last 25 years the core team gained a wide ranging clientele which included
blue chip companies,
small business support, networks, schools and local authorities, international business collaboratives and HEI projects.

Virtual-Centre has built more than 600 platforms and has provided support to more than 250,000 users.